Демоверсия промежуточной аттестации за курс 7 класса по английскому языку

1.Прочти тексты 1 – 4 . Подбери к ним названия A, B, C, D  или E. Одно название лишнее.

1. It is the month when birds migrate, when the leaves begin to turn yellow and red, when apples ripen, and nights are cool. On the 23rd, day and night are of equal length. You can still see some summer flowers around. Towards the middle of this month the leaves begin to change their colour. There are many mushrooms in the forests. Animals are now preparing for the coming winter. Birds gather in flocks and get ready for their flight to the South.

2. It is the month of the last frost, of melting snow, of the first buds and green, of earliest spring flowers, of the first migratory birds. On the 21st, day and night are of equal length. Towards the end of this month you can find first spring flowers. Grey squirrels begin to build new nests. People celebrate International Women’s Day in this month. The holiday is celebrated all over the world. Sprigs of mimosa are the best present for women on this day.

3. It is the month of greatest cold, of frozen lakes and ponds, of deep snow. Although some animals are sleeping, winter is good time to watch many of them.Grey squirrels are very active in winter. Rabbits wear white coats. They must always remember of their enemy, the red fox, who hunts during the day. When a fox wants to sleep — he lies down in the snow and uses his tail as a blanket.

4. It is the month of roses, of tall grass and sweet-smelling hay, of warm nights. 0n the 22nd, we have the longest day and the shortest night. All kinds of grasses bloom at this time. Near ponds and lakes you can see a bright carpet of flowers. Strawberries are ripe. The young birds usually stay in the nest from one to two weeks. During this time their parents give them food and watch them. Children have their holidays. It is the beginning of summer.

A – January      B – June     C – March         D – September             E – July

2. Прочти предложения 1- 6. Выбери правильную форму глагола под буквами a), b), с).

    1. My elder brother… computer very often.                                                                а) use b) uses c) is using

    2. The mother… dinner at the moment.                                                                    а) cook b) cooks c) is cooking                                  3. Elizabeth’s parents… abroad a week ago.                                                            а) go b) went c) are going                                         4. I hope in 10 years each family in our country … a computer.                              а) will have b) has c) had                                          5. … you ever … part in any competition?                                                                а) Did…take b) Will…take c) Have…taken           6. English … in many countries of the world.                                                           а) is spoken b) spoken c) speaks

3. Прочти предложения 1 - 6 и выбери правильное слово под буквами a), b) или с)

         1. I’m Marina Alekseeva. I’m from… Russian Federation.                                            a) a b) the c) -                                                        2. My pen-friend doesn’t know Russian. So we communicate with… in English.        а) one another b) each other c) other                     3. What is the name of the girl… won the competition two days ago?                       а) who b) which c) what                                         4. Here’s my ticket for the train and where is … ?                                                      а) your b) you c) yours                                           5. I prefer travelling by plane because it’s … comfortable and fast.                           а) quite b) quiet c) quick                                         6. It takes …a few minutes to take out the garbage.                                                   а) his b) he c) him

4. Прочти тексты A - D. В таблице отметь (v), о ком идёт речь.

  1. My name is Ann. I’m eleven. I’m tall. My hair is long and fair. My eyes are big and brown. I study in the sixth form. I learn many interesting subjects at school. They are English, Russian, History, Maths, Music and others. I’m fond of Maths. My hobby is swimming.
  2. My name is Kostya. I’m fourteen. I’m neither tall nor short. My face is round, my eyes are blue. My hair is short and fair. I’m in the ninth form. I study well. In my free time I play chess. I’m a good player.
  3. I’m Tanya. My eyes are green. My hair is dark and long. I’m short and thin. I’m thirteen. I’m in the eighth form. I wear a uniform. My favourite subject is English.I’m fond of music. I play the piano well.
  4. My name is Nick. I’m sixteen. I’m rather tall. I have blue eyes and a straight nose. My hair is dark and short. I’m in the eleventh form. I’m planning to be a teacher. In my spare time I enjoy reading , playing basketball and watching TV.
    Ann Has big and brown eyes Is fond of English Is a good chess-player Is the youngest Has grey eyes and fair hair Likes to read Wears a uniform Has short and fair hair Wants to become a teacher

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