Демоверсия промежуточной аттестации за курс 8 класса по английскому языку

  1. Underline the word with the same or similar meaning.                                                                                                                      Example: to destroy а)to kill b) to break c) to fight
  1. tolerant a) patient b) kind c) ambitious 2.threat a) bullying b) argument c) warning 3. awful a) terrible b) hard c) exciting.

2.Translate Russian into English.

1. Тепло и мокро.                        2. Прохладно и сыро.                           3. Снежно и солнечно.

3. Choose the word which best completes the sentence.

  1. A modern spaceship was … 3 days ago. а) taken b) flown c) launched                                                                                                     2.Where is she doing her research … this serious problem? а) of b) on c) in                                                                                           3.The hurricane did a lot of … to the town. а) damage b) disasters c) problems                                                                                       4.The famous actor was shaking … laugh. а) with b) from c) to

4. Choose the correct answer.

  1. He … at the table the whole evening yesterday. а) was sitting b) sit c) sat                                                                                                 2.I … my homework the whole evening yesterday. а) did b) were doing c) was doing                                                                             3. He ….his work by that time. а)finished b) was finishing c) had finished                                                                                                 4.…Australia is the smallest continent in the world. а)- b) a c) the                                                                                                             5.…UK is one of the world’s smallest country. а) - b) a c) the                                                                                                                6. My parents make me … work hard at school. а) to b) - c) on

5.Complete the sentences, using Conditionals.

  1. If I … (be) you, I … (visit) the old man.                                                                                                                                                          2.If the girl… (lay) the table, her aunt …not (be) angry with her.                                                                                                                3. Ann … (behave) well if you … (take) her to the party.

6.Use the given verbs and write the following in the reported speech.

  1. She was surprised, “Somebody stole my bag in the shop”                                                                                                                      2.He said, “I can` t move the piano alone.”                                                                                                                                              3. The student apologized: “I’m very sorry for coming so late.

7.The word in capitals above each of the following sentences can be used to form a word that fits suitably in the blank space.

  1. AMBITION I’m sure that he’ll succeed in politics. He is bright and …
  2. DEPEND On July 4th, 1776 the American colonies declared their …from Britain.
  3. EXPLORE Have you read his article about space …?

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