Тема-монолог на английском языке "My neighbourhood. The place I like to come back".


I live in the outskirts of Moscow in a block of flats. It is a grey 12-storey building. Our flat is on the second floor. I live with my parents, my little sister and a dog, Lucky by name. It is a three bedroom flat, rather comfortable. It faces south, so it is often sunny and light. I like the place where I live. In my neighbourhood you can find everything you need: a supermarket, a hospital, two cinema houses, several schools and kindergartens, a fitness centre and 2 libraries. Everything is quite close to me and easy to reach. Help is always at hand! The transport system is rather developed in my district. But sometimes public transport does not come on time. Usually it takes me about 45-50 minutes to get here from the centre of Moscow by underground. It is a bit far, I would say. What is more, the traffic is heavy in the rush hours and we lack parking places. Also there is no park to take my dog for a walk. Unfortunately all my friends live downtown, so we can meet only at weekends. IT is a new district, there are no buildings of historical or architectural interest .



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