Разговорная тема на английском языке "Интернет". The Internet. News travels pretty fast today.


How can we find out what is going on in the world?

News is what we see or read about in the media. In the past newspapers, television and radio provided news for the public. Ordinary post does not work as quickly as e-mail. They are sent and got via your PC.

Today The Internet allows millions of people to access a huge amount of information quickly and cheaply. The Internet can offer a lot of wonderful things. If you collect something, if you study some subject, if you are keen on travelling or want to set up and develop your own business, the Internet is for you. We can say that "an information revolution" has come to us in the form of the Internet and mobile phones, i pads, computers and CD-ROMs.

Computers do some jobs much quicker and cheaper than humans. In the underground we can see people reading electronic books which are also good for reference materials like encyclopedias. The Internet has become a menace to TV, I think.

People spend more time surfing the Internet in search of necessary information, looking for new friends and news than watching TV. I can say that the Internet takes all our time today, we can `t imagine our life without it.

Many of us spend with the computer up to eight hours a day. We are becoming net addicts. We lead sad virtual lives. Besides that the Internet can exaggerate anti-social tendencies and interfere with healthier, face-to face contact. We should admit that heavy use of the computer is dangerous.

-How often do you use the Internet?

-What kind of information do you usually look for in the Internet?

-Do you play any computer games? What do you think about them?

- How do you think doctors or writers might use the Internet? .



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