Разговорная тема на английском языке "Газеты". Newspapers. News not to be missed.


      Newspapers used to carry real news, but their real role today is to shock and entertain us. Before radio and TV were invented, newspapers were the only source of information.               But with the development of other means of the mass media newspapers have lost their unique quality. They are not more in demand these days.                                                            There are still different types of newspaper to read: some are called tabloids which are targeted at younger readers and they shock and entertain them at the same time. Others are quality newspapers which earned their authority many decades ago, for example, The Times, The Moscow News, The Komsomolskay Pravda , The Izvestya and many others. They really supply a lot of up-to-date information. One can find there useful and educational articles on economics, politics, environment etc. What is more important, reading such articles develops my outlook.  

       I can say that many of them meet my requirements because they keep up with time. The whole world is speaking about digital newspapers which will be updated and mobile. I heard that moving pictures in newspapers had become a reality, but I have never seen such a newspaper yet. We don`t subscribe to any newspaper. My father buys some from time to time , usually it is a sports newspaper.

Comment on: " There is plenty of rubbish in newspapers today".



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