Разговорная тема на английском языке "Погода" Weather. There is always something to say about it

              People like to talk about the weather and they complain when the weatherman gets it wrong.  They can`t forecast it for more than 7 days. And that`s the reason why we can`t rely on their forecast.   I live in Moscow where the climate is continental- winters are cold, summers are hot.  Our winter is rather long, about 4 months with lots of snow.   I can`t say that the winter in Moscow is very cold, but we can have two or three weeks with the temperature about 15 or 25 degrees below zero. The rest of the winter can be mild and often windy.                                                                                                                                 Spring may be chilly,humid and rather wet.  I wouldn`t rely on the weather in spring if I want to go sightseeing.  Slippery roads, fog and rain are the signs of Moscow autumn.  On the other hand, our summer is becoming warmer and warmer.  Our summer requires clothing made of light material, so many of us wear T-shirts and pairs of shorts. I like summer more than any other season of the year. I can go swimming, the days are long, you can grow flowers and go to parks for rest.  You don`t need heavy coats and boots. Finally, I think the best time for visitors to come to Moscow is summer. No dirty snow, no dirty cars in the streets of the city. Moscow looks beautiful and welcome in summer.People seem relaxed and brighter when the weather is warm.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            But we should remember that long periods when the weather stays the same day after day are not very common in Moscow.


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