Тема-монолог на английском языке "-TV or not TV.-"


Television has become an everyday part of our lives. It keeps us informed about what is happening in the world. We can`t do without it today.

On the one hand , it is a wonderful way to relax and switch off from our problems. We can find soap operas, chat shows, a witty comedy and be entertained or we can watch documentaries and learn something. I turn on the TV only when there is a programme which is really amusing and interesting. I think television is a wonderful invention. It is a cheap form of entertainment, which gives pleasure to millions of people. It is also a wonderful way of escaping from our dull reality. It involves us in strong emotions: love, hate, passion.

On the other hand, people become TV addicts. Many of us become coach potatoes which is unhealthy. TV makes us lazier. We read less. We think less. There is too much blood and violence on TV. The violent, crime-filled world on TV may turn people into criminals. What I hate most about TV is that it often uses strong language.

It has a terrible influence on children and young people. As a school student I can say that education benefits greatly from television. A single quiz show can make memorizing ten times more efficient and enjoyable.

But I always complain about adverts. They are the greatest time wasters for me.




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