Тема-монолог на английском языке "Free time. Leisure is time for doing something useful. "


Nowadays, we have more and more free time, but I think we don`t know what to do with it. It all depends, of course, on what we mean by a "good" use of leisure time.

In my view, it means using your time to do something creative, not wasting your time. A lot of young people today spend their free time watching sport on TV or doing some sport.

Another popular pastime is sitting in cafes chatting and drinking coffee. Many of them spend much time surfing the Internet, chatting with strangers on the Net. It has become very common for young people to sit in front of the computer playing computer games. I can`t say it`s a bad idea because these games can have a positive effect on people: building relationship, improving social skills and increasing self-esteem. Yes, they are relaxing.

But why not do something more creative? You can take up painting or learn to play a musical instrument. People can see a good film or watch a TV programme. There are a lot of high quality programmes on TV.

My friend and I enjoy going to different exhibitions, taking photos of Moscow streets in the centre of it, making short films about the places we visit.

Collecting things is very popular these days. One can collect valuable books, coins or toy soldiers, stamps or postcards.

Of course, you will need albums or some special glass cases to keep your collections. My advice to you is -don`t just sit there, get out and do it.




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