Тема-монолог на английском языке "Travelling. Путешествие."


Travelling is so popular with people because it gives them freedom, speed, comfort and adventure. Some of us go travelling to enjoy the nature or learn the culture and traditions of other people .There are a lot of impressive places all over the world. It`s always exciting to discover new things, different ways of life, to try different food and listen to different musical rhythms.

Many holiday makers take a camera with them and take pictures of everything that interests them. The change of place is necessary to our life. We all look forward to our holiday, and when the time comes , we start planning it .

Some people like a package tour, others tend to be holidaying alone to some remote place far from crowds of people. You can gather information about the places you want to see and then choose the means of transport. We can travel by air which is very fast, by train if you like to share it with other people or by car if you are not afraid of nasty weather and are sure you are not going to miss the road. Tastes differ, you know. I like planes. They are fast , comfortable and you don`t waste much time to get to your destination. If the flight is long, you can read a book or watch a film on board a plane to pass your time.

I often travel light, so, I needn`t wait for my luggage .The only problem with planes today is -they are often delayed or cancelled because of the weather conditions. Some of my friends prefer camping or cycling when they are on holiday.

I think they depend on the weather very much, their rest can be spoiled and there may be some problems with safety. Though I believe this kind of holiday can be healthy and exciting. They can go and explore some places, watch the life of animals and birds, start collecting something and simply enjoy the nature around them.



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